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General Security

Reports to: You will be notified of your specific Coordinator to report to prior to start of shift. 

It could be: Festival Operations Center, Security Coordinator, Festival Producer, Specific Coordinators, Stage Manager as required


Job Purpose: To ensure a safe, secure environment for all Festival people.



  • Alberta Drivers Licence
  • The ability to work with little supervision 
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Sensitivity to customer needs


Work setting including Specific Security:

  • Outdoors rain or shine
  • Standing and walking
  • Storage Trailer
  • Under Tents
  • Stage
  • Gates



  • Friday afternoon to Sunday evening
  • Some variation may occur to specific job tasks, you will be notified prior to starting shift


Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times
  • Patrols an area, specific location or roaming as assigned
  • Monitoring and reviewing information from materials, events, or the environment, to detect or assess possible problems
  • Observes and records any security related issues to FOC or Security coordinator as required, an incident report may be required
  • Assists any person who requires help directly 
  • Referring people in need of assistance to the proper coordinator or area of responsibility, ex. first aid, lost & found, etc. 
  • Ensures (along with parking) that the emergency access lane is kept clear
  • As required assists patrons leaving the site 
  • Checking all Festival site locations tents, port-a-potties, etc making sure they are clear at night end
  • All radios signed out must be returned by the same person
  • Ensures a safe, clean and friendly environment
  • Provides a good impression and enthusiastically answers any questions about the festival
  • Understand and complies with the Central Music Fest volunteer regulations and code of ethics 


Security Specific:


Perimeter Floater General Security Assistants

  • To complete random perimeter checks as directed by security coordinator


Lower Backstage Gate , right front of stage, one volunteer required

Upper Backstage Accessuphill from the stage, one volunteer and one float

  • Only those with All Access passes will be allow through the gate
  • No Hospitality food is to leave back stage


Back Stage Performer Entrance General Security Assistants

  • Access into this Gate is for those with All Access passes
  • Performer Passes will be provided and guests are directed to the Main Gate for their comp tickets
  • Vehicles unloading gear will only be allowed to the back stage area please note: depending on weatherbobcat may be required for use in shuttling performers and gear
  • No Hospitality food is to leave back stage with the exception of Performers
    • one volunteer required plus float


Vendor and Camper Gate General Security Assistants

  • Must have a vendor pass for entry through the vendor gate
  • Vendors will be requested to only use if necessary during the performances
  • All camper vehicles must have a “Camping” parking pass.  Any questions or discrepancies directed to Volunteer Team.
    • one volunteer required at all times
    • Also reports to Vendor Coordinator


Main Gate Specific General Security Assistants

  • Coolers, back packs and lawn chairs checked for alcohol, drugs and weapons. If found patrons asked to return these items to their vehicles.
  • Please let guests know it is preferable to have the short leg festival chairs and that taller chairs will be tolerated on the top portion of the hill only
    • Minimum of 2 security personal when gates open  
    • Depending on patrons coming through the gates, discretion from security coordinator is required for how long this is necessary


Night General Security Assistants

  • Need to know who is on-site for the duration of the night (campers, vendors, etc)


Secured Trailer General Security Assistants

  • Monitor Performer instruments
  • Tag and record all items stored
  • Signature of Performer or Representative and designated Security person is required at all times
  • Only the Performer or their Representative can removestored items
  • Security person signs along with Performer or Representative on indicated item(s) returned
    • One volunteer required at all times
    • Also reports to Stage Manager



  • Ambassadors for the festival – first impression of festival for most performers and guests
  • Opportunity to forge a positive professional relationship with performers and guests
  • Comfortable work environment
  • Volunteers receive t-shirts, food voucher(s), snacks, free camping
  • Meet other volunteers
  • Enjoy some really great music