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Music is best served... LIVE!

OCTOBER 22 – 2015  The Claire Lynch Band



Bluegrass at its best… Claire Lynch is a pioneer who continually pushes the boundaries of the bluegrass genre. Her career includes two GRAMMY nominations and three International Bluegrass Music Association Female Vocalist awards in 2013, 2010 and 1997. Dolly Parton credits Claire with "one of the sweetest, purest and best lead voices in the music business today."





We sell our tickets online whenever possible so that we can save YOU money!  If we went through a traditional bricks and mortar ticket service, there would be at least $9.00 in service charges and GST added on to the base ticket price.  Using our method, there is only $3.00 added to the base price of $25.Yup, that’s why we use an ultra secure payment system with Ticketbud and PayPal.  


Contrary to what some folks have assumed, you don’t have to go through Facebook, join PayPal or do anything other than follow the links on our website - - and pay for your tickets with any major credit card. The process takes a few minutes, and once the purchase is complete, your tickets are emailed to you.  Simple, quick and secure!

October 24 - 2015 -  Lorne Elliott

 The Welikoklad Entertainment Centre,

4922 49 St., Red Deer [WEC] 
-  tickets on sale Aug. 17 @ 10 AM

A Bit About Myself

"I was born so far back I can hardly remember and grew up normally, I think.
I started going on stage at a time when hair like mine was fashionable, and I hung a guitar hung around my neck to complete the look. Somewhere around that time people started laughing at me, and I saw no reason why I shouldn't join them.
I've made a living off the products of my imagination for thirty years, so if you're wondering if that's possible I am here to tell you it is. Give it a whirl. You just might find an audience."


Now here's something a bit more official:

Canadian born LORNE ELLIOTT has performed from Newfoundland to New York City, from Los Angeles to Australia and points in between. Lorne started performing in 1974 as a folk musician in East Coast Canada. At the same time he kept writing fiction as well as songs, monologues and one-liners. The outcome of such a training is a very special show of comedy and music, totally original, entertaining, foolish and uplifting. Along with his unique performance style it is the timelessness of his material, joined with keen observations on today's trends that make LORNE ELLIOTT 's work so special.

LORNE ELLIOTT has performed his one-man show in theatres, universities and comedy clubs. He has shared concert stages with numerous comedy business personalities in the US and Canada and made regular appearances at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival since it started in 1986.


NOVEMBER 19 - 2015 - Jim Byrnes  



January 21 - 2016 - Valdy

A cultural emissary, Valdy is one of Canada's trusted spokespersons, and a well seasoned performer.  PM Stephen Harper has never sought Valdy's talents to support the Reform/Canadian Alliance/PC party agenda.  Nearly thirty-seven years of relentless concert touring have made him who he is. His contact data is at the page's bottom.


Entertainer: Valdy understands that people have come to be entertained; he tailors each of his shows, as many as two hundred a year, to suit the audience at that specific venue.


"Valdy's show is a disarming and practical blend of respect for the audience and show business expertise." - the Edmonton Journal

Singer / Songwriter: His distinctive voice can be heard on classic, country and campus radio; songs reflecting joys, struggles and accomplishments in all of our lives, spiced with a wry wit.

"I cut my teeth on Henry Mancini; he taught me about melody. Combine that with a fine groove, and the rest is window dressing." - Valdy

Musician: Guitarists pay attention to Valdy; his playing seems effortless, masking an underlying musical complexity; throughout the year, Valdy gives workshops on guitar accompaniment.

"One of the best evenings of entertainment Confederation Centre has ever seen ... a man of formidable talents." - Charlottetown Evening Patriot

 at The Elks Lodge, 6315 Horn St., Red Deer


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