Thank you all for your support of Ian Tyson and Chip Taylor, two great Red Deer shows this fall. Next up is the Mardi Gras Gala the perfect followup to Hallowee'en.
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On the festival circuit, they’re a legend. Performers from all over the globe talk about Central Music Festival, its green room and hospitality tent. The road may be long and dry. It may be filled with potholes and detours. But that’s all forgotten when they step in to the hospitality tent and tuck into the delicious, awe-filled offerings of The Climax Sisters. Food so good, so nutritious, it creates dreams. Lucid dreams. Hot, tasty dreams.

And now, for the very first time, a small, select group of the general public will have the opportunity to experience The Climax Sisters at their hottest, baddest best. On November 15, they will turn their wicked attention to a Cajun Creole Gala Feast: French Quarter Cajun Toast with Smoked Oysters. Spicy Grilled Vegetables. Zydeco Chicken Gumbo. Red Beans and Dirty Rice. Louisiana Candied Sweet Potatoes and Greens. Shrimp or Crawdaddy Etouffe (depending on availability of crawfish). Pecan Praline Beignets stuffed with Peaches in Buttered Maple Bourbon Sauce. Mile High Pecan Pie. Cajun Coffee. 

As good as it is, it will only satisfy part of your growing appetite. You’ll want more. You’ll be all dressed up with nowhere to go…except straight to the dance floor for another Red Deer first: our very own hot creole dish - Crystal the Cajun Cowgirl, the Mississippi Mermaid Plamondon and her rocking Acadian band to show you her roots, her delicious musical essence steeped in the juke joints and dance halls of rural Louisiana. You’ll dance the night away amidst the spirited dervishes whipping angels out of their dance floor demons, stoking their mystic fires with fuel made from fleeing souls.

But act quickly, friend. Only the first 120 will get in the door. The laggards will be flailing in the cold, dark perfidy outside the door, while you exorcise your Zydeco devil in the red hot horn-devil heaven called

Mardi Gras Music Gala Night

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