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Festival Hospitality Assistant

Reports to: Hospitality Coordinator


Job Purpose: To provide a safe, healthy, clean and friendly atmosphere while abiding by all Safe Food Handling and Preparation requirements. 



  • Knowledge of safe food handling and safe food preparation
  • Knowledge of specific meal requirements (aware of possible allergies, gluten -free etc.)


Work setting:

  • Outdoors rain or shine
  • Working under a large tent
  • An outdoor kitchen-like atmosphere



  • Friday morning to Sunday evening


Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Ensures safe food handling preparation
  • Ensures cooking is done properly and adheres to health and safety policy and procedures particularly for "special meal" requests due to allergies, beliefs etc.
  • Provides a hospitable environment to all crew and guests
  • Good verbal communication skills and sensitivity to customer needs
  • Provides hospitality to performers, sound crew, sponsors and VIPS from festival gate opening to approximately 30 minutes after performers leave the stage
  • Provide performers with full meals including a snack at the end of the last performance, hospitality can then clean-up for the day 
  • Tent decorating on Thursday before the festival and takes down all decorations prior to the tent removal 
  • Cleans all borrowed equipment and appliances to prepare for return to appropriate persons
  • Works with site crew for set up and tear down of hospitality tent
  • Any security issues are relayed to security persons and security coordinator
  • Works in conjunction with transportation/shuttle to provide Red Deer tourism information 
  • Ensures a safe, clean and friendly environment
  • Provides a good impression to guests and enthusiastically answers any questions about the festival
  • Understand and complies with the Central Music Fest volunteer regulations and code of ethics 



  • Ambassadors for the festival – first impression of festival for most performers and guests
  • Opportunity to forge a positive professional relationship with performers and guests
  • Comfortable work environment
  • Volunteers receive t-shirts, food voucher(s), snacks, free camping
  • Meet other volunteers
  • Enjoy some really great music