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Debit/M/C/Visa Terminal Operation

Debit/M/C/Visa Terminal Operation:


Hit Cancel Button to Clear screens. 


Very beginning of operations - Need to perform start of day.

The TD logo should appear on the screen.


Hit F button and very 1st item is Business Day.

Press OK button.

Start of Day will appear. 

Press OK button.


A message about a handshake will appear.

Should go back to the main screen once again.


To enter a sale for tickets:

Use the small F1 key.

Enter Amount.

Chip Encrypted cards will go in the front slot of the machine with the chip inserted first

Regular cards will be swiped with the magnetic strip to the outside of the terminal.

If you make a mistake, you can use cancel button and start again.


Pass device to customer and don't look as he or she is entering his/her PIN number.

Device will then begin to print receipts.  It will be marked which one is for customer and which is for CMFS.

There is also an option to reprint the receipt.


The arrow button at bottom of terminal moves paper upward.


Record type of ticket sale for our records.  I.E.  Day Pass or Week-end Pass.


IF you make a mistake on the dollar amount, you can correct it by using the Trace number printed on the slip and the F4 key.

Enter Trace number and follow directions to correct.


Very end of day, need to close down terminal:

Hit the F button.

When you see Business Day hit OK button.

Terminal will print off day's tally of sales.  Record dollar amount for our own records.

Give receipt to Francine (Frankie) with the cash she has collected.


To change paper roll -


Turn terminal towards you and pull up on plastic flap marked with TDsymbol on top of terminal.

Pull out discarded roll.

Drop in new paper roll after removing tape so that paper can dispense.

Paper should be dispensing with paper winding with dispensed paper coming out on top.

Click top part back in place.